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Scrap Pants

SKU: IR MN 105
  • Started as a classroom project in the four walls of a design school called IICD, placed in the heart of the first World Craft City, Jaipur
    (as dubbed by UNESCO). From then on IRO IRO went on to win the best project award at IIM-A. We started with the aim to reduce and reuse waste produced by our parent company Shivam International- a company that manufactures garments and exports them. And in the process of upcycling what we receive from the company, we utilize crafts that are indigenous to India. We started with our focus on handloom weaving, specifically
    on rag rug weaving. We enjoy perceiving crafts that would be considered “lowbrow” by larger populous through the lens of quality and design. This for us is an act of rebellion against “conventional luxury norms” a fact that amuses us on this zero waste journey.

    Introducing and inculcating quality and design within a traditional craft also allows the craftspeople to fetch a fair wage and not just
    a minimum wage. With Moonwash our attempt has been to also introduce extra weft handloom weaving colloquially known as “pattu” within the craft cluster we had started to develop in
    collaboration with the artisans of Chomu, in 2016. We started with 3 craftspeople who trusted our vision and experimented with
    us and stayed patient whenever the journey got rocky. Now we have 25 artisans attached with us. Our effort has also been to introduce natural dyes within the same village. This allows the craftspeople to reuse the dye water into the farmland and yield a better quality of crops, allowing IRO IRO to take a step further in achieving its aim to be a truly circular system. So far we have upcycled 5 tonnes of textile waste which saves about 100 ton of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Our aim with Moonwash is to reuse 15 tons of textile waste. We further utilize Indian indigenous
    knowledge to craft zero waste patterns relevant to modern times.

    We introduce adjustable sizing and multi-functionality in our garment design to make your one buy translate into a canvas of your style. So, whenever you invest in an iro iroproduct, you’re not just buying a product, you’re contributing to a revolution-all whilst expressing your personal style!



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