‘Flexi Meh Dai’ are ergonomically designed baby carriers and are a best fit between a ‘Wrap’ and a ‘Buckled Carrier’.

Magenta Chevron - Meh Dai

  • Smita, the founder at Cuddle n Care is a mother of two kids and a dress designer by profession. She’s also a Certified Babywearing Consultant. 

    Motherhood changed the course of her life and brought her to this wonderful journey of connecting with other mothers, caregivers and their families, providing her with an opportunity to create a new path for herself. 

    After learning about and experiencing the joys and benefits of Babywearing, she decided to pass on the miracle of this beautiful concept to other moms and caregivers. This is how her third baby ‘Cuddle n Care’ was born!

    She feels that all mothers and caregivers needed to care for their children in a stress free, safe & natural way and therefore she puts her professional designing skills into making cloth slings made out of cotton & other natural fabrics for the ultimate comfort of babies and toddlers.

    She believes that the childhood is the perfect time to sow the seeds of sustainable living and developing the bonds of love by keeping them close.  

    Smita tries to reflect through each of our creations, her responsibility to make this world a better & happy place to live. Her sustainable creations ensure the connect and respect for our surrounding, continues.  

    Cuddle n Care creations are handcrafted from high quality natural fabrics procured from weaver communities, from across India. They also up-cycle the fabric for making unique and useful cloth products to support earth friendly and sustainable lifestyle. 

  • Age/weight Guidance: They can be used for our baby since birth 3.5Kgs to toddlers (20 Kgs).

    Key Features: These carriers come with:

    * A completely adjustable body – length-wise and width-wise.

    * Hood protection from weather. Also allows discreet nursing and supports the baby’s head while the baby sleeps on the back

    * Specially designed wrap style shoulder straps with padding on shoulders makes it more comfortable by evenly distributing the weight over the caregiver’s body.

    * Allows the caregivers to try beautiful finishes through the long wrap straps

    * Padded waist for extra support and comfort They can carrier can be worn on Front, Back and Hip

    Materials used: Handwoven Jacquard Cotton

    Care instructions: - Always wash your carrier once before first use. The natural fibres have tendency to colour bleed a little hence wash separately for the first few washes.

    - These, easy to care carrier go more breathable and softer with subsequent washes.

    - They are lightweight and foldable to be carried with ease, using small space in your diaper bag as you travel or shop.

    -Soak your carrier in the salt water for few hours and rinse with plain water. - As the fabric that we use is hand woven, there could be variation in the colour, texture , weave and may have uneven finish. This should no way be considered as any flaw of defect as they are inherent to hand made fabrics.


    for custom orders, please email us at cutomercare@acharmedlife.in

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