Kattoos Box is an assorted set containing all five shaped bricks-Rectangle, Semi-circle, Triangle and Small Triangle. Kattoos Bricks can be used by both adults and children to make their ideas come to life!   

Kattoos Miniature Terracotta Bricks, 128 nos. (Orange Box)

  • The role of play in developing children's creativity, imagination and preparation for social interactions is well known. As toys get hi-tech and play become increasingly digital and confined to indoors, opportunities to play with natural materials is rapidly decreasing. Free play with loose parts is considered as an important type of play recognised by play theorists across the globe. However, the range of loose parts products available for free play is limited in a market dominated by ready-made, plasticised toys.

    Kattoos Miniature Terracotta Bricks is a fun, creative tool which helps bring one's ideas to life. These 100 % natural, eco-friendly, re-usable, baked terracotta bricks can be a child’s delight or aid a professional designer/architect to create models and prototypes. Work with natural materials also creates employment opportunities for artisans from under-served communities. Kattoos enhances children's play and development while pursuing a triple bottom line of people, profits and planet.

  • Dimensions: 16.5cm (L)*11cm (W)* 5cm(H)

    Weight: 700 g


    For custom orders,please email us at customercare@acharmedlife.in

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Made in India with love.

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