A fun card & dice-rolling game for children, families and classrooms designed to let you express your feelings in a playful way! Seek cards with creativity & lots of action & drama! Draw, act, express or tell stories that will help others guess the feeling/expression card you are looking for. You will never get bored seeking!
Game 1: Wear your scarves and seek 4 different feeling cards in the same colour as your scarf with the roll of the die. Act, draw, express or tell stories and make others guess the card you are looking for. The first to make a set wins!
Game 2: All players pass feeling cards round the table but stop as soon as someone has 4 of a kind! (e.g. Happy in Red, blue, green & yellow). Then, that player makes the expression on the matching cards, only using their face. Whoever guesses correctly will also make their score grow!
Game 3: Be a storyteller and listen carefully. All you need to do is remember stories for each feeling card and win!
Contains: 32 Emotion cards , 4 Coloured scarves , 1 Wooden die , 4 Reference cards, 1 Mirror, 1 Pad , 1 Pencil, Game guide. For 2 to 4 players; Ages 6 to 99 years

Chalk and Chuckles Seek Four- Family Game of Feelings and Expressions.

  • FUN WITH STRATEGY- A twist on the classic Dots & Boxes game with 30 wildlife creatures from around the world, this game educates children and adults alike-to understand, and encourage respect and compassion for animals. Score 244 points!
    SAVE THE ANIMALS- Protect the endangered species on our planet! This easy to play game will inspire you to aid in their protection and conservation. Build hedges and claim square reserves. Mark it with an animal token. Highest scorer wins!
    EDUCATIONAL TOYS-Parents and teachers can use the worksheets to teach about the environment and its challenges. Tokens have real pictures of animals. Learn about the animals habitat and lifestyle. Understand climate change, human footprint and biodiversity loss.
    SKILL BUILDER-Develops visual spatial thinking, social interaction, promotes strategy, builds environmental awareness and knowledge. Add excitement to the school classrooms with this great learning resource for kids ages 6 and up. Made of MDF board.
    PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL- This game is great for birthday/holidays/zoo/safari theme gifts or for Christmas pastimes. Loved by all- friends and family, boys and girls, siblings and grandparents! Perfect for 2 to 4 players, gameplay is about 15 minutes.

  • Only manufacturing defect.

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