Bumpadum cloth diapers are waterproof and do not create a mess when peed/pooped in. Each diaper holds for about 3 - 4 hours without any leaks. This means it can be used both at home and when outside during shopping and traveling! Your baby will be absolutely comfortable in Bumpadum cloth diapers. The fabric which touches your baby’s bottom doesn't let any wetness remain on the skin. All liquids are quickly absorbed by this layer and the surface remains dry to the touch. Bumpadum diapers have most of the pros of disposable diapers, with none of the cons. The biggest difference is that once used, Bumpadum diapers would be washed and reused, whereas a disposable diaper would find its way to a landfill, adding to the garbage woes of the world. Yes, there is some effort involved in washing the diapers, but the effort is negligible when compared to the savings provided by Bumpadum cloth diapers - both economical and environmental. You save 30%-70% of what you spend on disposable diapers by choosing Bumpadum Cloth Diapers. 

• US Safety tested and certified Diapers
• One-size diaper, fits babies from 5-15 kgs. Just pick a fresh diaper, snap on the insert and put on baby - no stuffing, no tying, no pinning
• Comes with 2 part insert, so you can customize absorbency and trimness. Use just one insert for babies < 6 months for trim look, use both for older babies to last 3-4 hours.
• Buttery soft fabric on the inside keeps baby's skin dry and comfortable, very important during overnight usage
• Only modern cloth diaper brand MADE IN INDIA
• Easy to use side closing snaps keep the front free from confusing buttons. Grandparents, nannies, day care find it easy to use 

Bumpadum Duet Stay Dry Diaper - Nourish

  • Bumpadum was born when Anuradha, a mother wanted a more Eco Friendly solution for diapering. Made in India, the brand provides next generation cloth diapers and accessories for the Eco Conscious and smart parents out there. We believe that cloth diapers can be adopted by all families irrespective of where they live, what their income is or who the primary caregiver is. We provide unlimited lifelong customer support to enable families to get the most out of Bumpadum cloth diapers.

    The brand is based in Bangalore

    Anuradha Rao, the founder of Bumpadum, has an MBA from Yale University and a software engineering degree from Bangalore, India. She worked as a strategy consultant prior to founding Bumpadum and is a mom well versed with the woes and worries faced by all parents during diapering. 
  • Material Used: Outer Shell is made with PUL (Polyurethane laminate). Each part of the insert is made of two layers of hemp fleece and two layers of cotton terry, with the top part also topped with our high quality stay dry micro fleece. So in total there are 8 layers of absorbency in the inserts.
    Product Care: Knock solids into toilet, store in dry bucket, cold rinse, warm wash, extra rinse.
    Tumble dry on low or line dry. No bleach no softeners, no rash cream. For detailed laundry instructions, please refer to the How To Wash Your Diapers sticker in the package.

    Made in (State/ Village): Bangalore, Karnataka
    Items Included In Package: 1 Waterproof Outer Shell, 1 Two-part insert, Fit & Laundry Instructions


    For custom orders,please email us at customercare@acharmedlife.in 

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