Puzzles are a great way to introduce the child to shapes, patterns, and colours. A study by the University of Chicago shows that children who are introduced to puzzles early on have more developed visuo-spatial skills.

This set of very attractive Indian animal puzzle is hand-carved from birch ply. They feature a natural wood finish and chunky pieces that is sure to kindle their imagination and wonder right from the start. These puzzles consist of 3 big pieces, with smooth, rounded edges, and painted with odourless and water based coating, making it very safe, and perfect for those little hands to grasp. It is designed in a way that the pieces will fit only one way – this helps promote the child’s cognition, improves motor skills, and builds their problem-solving and thinking ability, and boosts confidence and self-esteem. Simple 3 pieces puzzles are a great way for your toddler to learn how puzzles work.

Starting them early is the best foundation you could give your child. And the beauty of the play is that it is all self-taught, through trial and error. This helps develop their creativity, memory, and confidence. The set of animal puzzle comes packed in an attractive handmade cotton bag, making it wonderful to gift and to store. This set is a great way to introduce your little one to puzzles!


3 Piece Chunky Wooden Puzzle - Squirrel

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    We love products that are beautifully crafted, made responsibly and are safe not just for humans but for the environment too. We believe these products should be accessible to everyone. And this is our raison d'être.

    We scour the world for products that are championing the cause for providing safer alternatives for everyday products. Safe products need not mean plain and boring. They can be unique, beautiful and durable too. 

    At ALT Retail, we want to be the one stop shop for all products safe & beautiful.

    bobo & boo - Safe, Simple and Stylish bamboo dinnerware for kids

    We’re all about making mealtime fun and fashionable - minus the cartoon characters. Our stylish and functional bamboo dinnerware comes in a range of on-trend colours that little ones love. Made from natural, renewable and sustainable bamboo, our dinnerware products are non-toxic and biodegradable.

  • Material: Handcrafted in India

    Age: toddler

    Gender: Unisex


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