We Should All Live A Charmed Life !

Purple Panchi approached me a few months ago to collaborate with them on a project that I hold very close to my heart – sharing stories and insights on the fun side of the lives of women who continue to rule their  respective industries and enjoy themselves as they do so. A dream project, one where I have tested Shreevar of Purple Panchi’s patience for sure – what with everybody’s travel schedules and hectic lives. The series of interviews have taught me much but have more importantly taught me that all work and no play is something these women don’t believe in – they continue to work hard and excel but not at the cost of leading a fashionable, fun life with friends and family. Sharing an excerpt of my interview as published on the Purple Panchi Website and looking forward to interviewing more amazing women as part of the A Charmed Life X Purple Panchi collaboration.

“Let’s All Live A Charmed Life!”

When we approached Aarti to work on this collaboration, she was super excited. She had been looking for a platform to share stories of women who have and continue to inspire her through their work and also through just being themselves. While the others are interviews, she would like to share a few things that she has learnt along the way through trying to live A Charmed Life.

Aarti Kapoor wears multiple hats donning the role of an entrepreneur, influencer, blogger & fashionista. We turn the tables on her and put her humor and candidness to test. Read along dear readers to know the mastermind behind this wonderful series.

SG: Banking to Fashion, how did that happen?

AK: A Charmed Life (ACL) was born out of a deep-rooted desire to give back in some way. I had just turned 30 and wanted to do something a little more meaningful with my time. I founded an online Gourmet store – The Shop of Good Taste for my family business…however I soon realised that Fashion 7 supporting women entrepreneurs was what thrilled me most…While we all chase our corporate dreams, once in a while it is important to stop and re-evaluate life in general.

SG: Your favourite city is

AK: My favorite city in the world is Singapore to live in and Paris to holiday in.

SG: What’s your guilty pleasure?

AK: I can never ever give up chocolate…

SG: Currently Reading?

AK: I am currently reading Sapiens though The Little Prince is my favourite book as well as The Prophet.

SG: If not fashion then what?

AK: If not fashion, I would love to have been a lawyer… I was a banker for many years but my love for fashion and a better tomorrow took over.

SG: Someone who’s a source of inspiration for you

AK: My Father for his vision, persistence, values and love for the good things in life and my husband for his drive, selfless thinking and love for the family. Also my mother (I know it sounds like the family affair) but she’s always taught me to be strong and do the right things. Her love for fashion, vintage and classic pieces has been a big influence on me.

Recently she has taught me that believing that the best will happen is the only way to make sure you stay strong no matter what life throws your way and you would agree that a critical lesson to learn…

SG: Tell us more about your work at ACL

AK: Through ACL I wish to empower more brands, women entrepreneurs and help us all live A Charmed Life. Though ACL is a new born venture, I have been writing since I was in school. I love reading other bloggers and I truly enjoy Something Navy’s blog and social media posts.

SG: Pizza or Burger

AK: I would pick Pizza anyday… gotta have truffle oil easily available too…

SG: A moral code that you absolutely swear by

My pet peeve – I hate wastage of any sort – food, water, electricity, clothing, disrespect towards women…

SG: 3 things you can’t live without

I love my shoes, I spend more on shoes than I do on clothing and have always been that way since I was a child.

SG: What’s style when it comes to ethnic wear?

Style Tip for Ethnic Wear – Wear simple, well-stitched silhouettes that are classic and evergreen. Like this outfit from Purple Panchi and use accessories to lift the look. I shop a lot online and you could check out both Purple Panchi for clothing and Jivaana.com for Juttis and Wedge shoes to match.

While there is so much more I could tell you about me, I hope we connect through my social media handles and continue to inspire each other. Stay tuned as I share more stories and introduce you to more Women of Wonder for Purple Panchi, who in their own way are creating magic!


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