LFW 2018 | Naushad Ali X Akihi

Nothing fuels my passion for working with upcoming designers and women entrepreneurs than seeing them grow and get the recognition they deserve. So it is but natural that I am ecstatic that Akihi Jaipur by Srishti Arora, who I can proudly say is an ACL Women Entrepreneur and Designer, will be showcasing at Lakme Fashion Week SS’18 this year. She has worked on an exclusive set of accessories for designer Naushad Ali.

Akihi by Srishti Arora creates masterpieces that are made with love. Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Buttons and Cufflinks created by hand breathe life into every outfit they are a part of.

Akihi creates magic with embroidery.

What struck me most about Srishti, was her passion to create beautiful things. She understands embroidery and the wonders a simple button can do to just any simple shirt or kurta. Her confidence, eagerness to grow and experiment have helped us bond over the past few months. Also the fact that she shares my love for #womensupportingwomen and #sustainablefashion is a +++.

” AKIHI means – Listening to directions and then walking off and promptly forgettingthem. “

I think, for Srishti, the word resonates her nature – to live on the edge, to experiment, her pursuit to bring traditional embroideries the attention and respect they truly deserve. Silk canvases make for beautiful pieces of art when Srishti and her team work passionately on them to create something out of nothing.

I’m ecstatic that she is collaborating with Naushad Ali, who shares her loved for Indian traditional crafts. I own an outfit from his previous collection and have always wanted to add more from his collections…His creations, much like Akihi’s interweave modern with heritage. A Nifttian, he founded Studio Liam in Auroville (yes I know one more reason for me to LOVE the place).

Image courtesy Naushad Ali

Since 2013 , through his designs, he’s been connecting the past glory of traditional craftsmen to the new age needs and trends. Breathing a sort of freshness into arts that would otherwise wither away…Simplicity in cuts and silhouettes help bring the fabrics and traditional weaves used to the forefront. Whether it is his women’s wear range or his range for men, he has been using using age old traditional dyeing techniques and weaves for all. Naushad, has in the past worked with weavers from Kanchipuram, Chettinad, Pochampally and West Bengal to develop his own fabrics.

Image courtesy Naushad Ali

I can’t wait to see what the collaboration brings to us. A shared love for the old and a passion to make it new is nothing less than a match made in heaven ! Join me as I share a live stream of the show at 4: 30 pm on 31st January from Jio Gardens | LFW 2018. Will you be there ? Follow me on @acharmedlifein on Instagram for the live streaming…

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