In Conversation With Shruti Seth : Fashion Diva to Tinsel Town Darling!

I first met Shruti during Fashion Week in Mumbai. We were both seated next to each other in the front row and were waiting for the show to start. I like many others, have loved her work especially as Jiya Malhotra. For those of you know have worked with or met Shruti or are fortunate enough to know her well, will know that she is one of the nicest people there is to know, a simple smile from me lead to the start of what I hope is a friendship based on common values and our love for all things sustainable. We exchanged names and parted with a promise to catch up so I could share my thoughts on sustainable fashion and she, her views on women entrepreneurs and the event she organized for women with Gul Panang called Festivelle.

I meet so many people through work and we usually promise to reconnect and collaborate and sometimes we do….I assumed through her busy schedule she would forget. Shruti reached out to me one day and we connected again and one thing led to another and here I am sitting having a cup of coffee in her living room as we discuss women, work and how life has changed for her as a mother to gorgeous Aleena.

AK: How would you describe yourself?

SS: My husband used the word ‘disarming person’ when we first met and as you see I am just that, friendly and easy going.

AK: What’s your favorite movie?

SS: Definitely ‘The Matrix’

AK: I know your day revolves around Aleena, how has motherhood changed life for you?

SS: Being a mother is so special, it is a love like no other…it can be daunting you know…. knowing you are responsible for this little being and you need to make sure she turns out to be a good human being and is happy… people always say ‘maa baap ne kuch nahi sikhaya’ if they slip up. I want to make sure I give it my best. Of course, I really cherish the time we spend together…

AK: What are you working on currently?

SS: I just wrapped up a very interesting film with Rajat Kapoor. It’s called ‘Kadakh’. I was working all December and there were night shoots so was intense but I’ve always wanted to work with Rajat and it was like the universe heard me and made it happen. I’m also working on an Amazon Series with Kabir Khan this year so I am looking forward to that.

AK: Tell me about Festivelle?

SS: Well it was a one day event that Gul and I organised for ONLY Women in 2016 , 1st of it’s kind in Mumbai and we had music, comedy, food, wine, dance, spa treatments and so many things to help women relax, unwind and just enjoy being themselves – not a wife, not a mother, not a boss, nothing but themselves, just living it up a little. We all deserve that no ?

We are working on the second edition for 2018 and you can expect it to be bigger and better. Probably around March 2018…

AK: Fashion is?

SS: Comfort, quality and oh I love details…that’s what I love about Purple Panchi. Its designs are so ME.

AK: Jiya Malhotra vs Shruti Seth ….

SS: Sometimes I wish I was more like Jiya, at least wish I had her magical powers…I’m not a hopeless romantic like she was but I’m definitely loyal, bubbly, vivacious like her…

AK: What’s a typical day for you?

SS: Well if I’m shooting then it revolves a little around that but usually it’s me living life between school pick ups and drops… I do wake up early and do my 90 minutes of Iyengar yoga then run for a school drop after which I run my errands until 1 pm, then it’s pick up time for Aleena and I spend time with her until 5 pm . She goes to play in the evening so I have some time to squeeze in my stuff in then or perhaps post when she sleeps around 9:30 – 10:00 … right now I’m enjoying time with my precious baby girl as much as I can.

I want to see how she blossoms, I read Sapiens recently and Aleena is like my very own experiment, I want her to be happy and feel loved you know… It is so fulfilling to see her grow and learn new things about herself and the world.

AK: Dream role….

SS: Hahah I think be a part of The Matrix if it is remade ever, or then Madhuri’s role in Pukaar…

Actually I would like to play entrepreneur too…definitely at some point I want to open a quaint little store somewhere that hosts upcoming artists and their crafts and designs…help promote independent yet talented designers….

I think you will love it.

AK: If not Bombay then?

SS: You know 5 years ago I would’ve said Bombay is the best place but now with a growing child, I want her to be in a cleaner, less polluted city. The traffic and pollution is getting to me. I’m slowly leaning towards silence and solitude, perhaps Goa or some place near the ocean…

AK: What do you love about Purple Panchi?

SS: I love good fabric, traditional styles and what stood out for me for this piece was the colour. I love bright and bold colors and Purple Panchi always creates simple silhouettes that are classic and very versatile. They are comfortable and well priced which is great….


Photo Credits: Aarti U Kapoor


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