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I’ve known Candice Pereira for over 8-9 years now and have always admired her for her ability to multitask effortlessly and to ensure every event is executed perfectly. Our common love for flowers and lots of common friends have made sure we stay connected no matter how busy we are. I find inspiration to manage multiple roles and to try to add magic through decor pieces and flowers from her. I hope this interview will inspire you to do more and be more!

AK: Candice, let’s tell the readers a bit about you no?

Candice: I started off with Marry Me – The Wedding Planners in 2008. Down the line, we launched Marry Me – The Store (gifting and design) and House of Flowers (florals for gifting, corporates, events etc). Apart from working on this, I have a two and a half year old son who keeps me on my toes. Of course as you know, I enjoy eating out, traveling and of course some me’ time at the spa :). The idea was to connect the businesses and help people add color and fragrance to their homes through my ventures.

AK: What inspired Marry Me?

Candice: I have always enjoyed weddings and have been involved with my family in the food and wedding catering space (Candies, Bandra) since I was young. I got a sense that I wanted to tie all these together in some way, as I grew up and travelled, I found a gap in the market and felt there was a need for full-service wedding planners. Somebody who understood what your idea of a dream wedding was and helped manifest that within your budget and time constraint.  That’s where the idea come about – it was just something I thought I would enjoy and love doing because I strongly believe when you love what you do, you live it forever…

AK: How has motherhood changed your work life?

Candice: Wow! This is a tough one! It’s honestly not easy at all. But it’s all about a routine and a strong support system (family) which allows me to do what I do. I must admit that being a mother has made me more efficient – it’s important to prioritize! I can’t say I have one baby, all my ventures are like my babies but I think life teaches us to prioritize things and being a woman it is critical to pick skill sets early on. I also believe that making time for yourself while doing all of this, is very very important else you may burn out in the process. Loving yourself is as important as loving your work and family and most women seem to forget that along the way.

AK: You work with flowers all the time, what is your favorite flower?

Candice: Definitely Peony!

AK:  We have all heard of your skills as a wedding planner, tell me about your other venture – Marry Me The Store and House of Flowers

Candice: You know, since we had access to interesting vendors, manufacturers and so on – we decided to source and produce all this pretty stuff and put it together in one place – that’s where Marry Me – The Store was born. When people attended weddings with us, they loved the decor. So many would come and ask me where they could source the decor items. I just wanted to help them live #acharmedlife too. Marry Me the store gives them access to cute, shabby chic decor items. We sell everything from candles, stationery, ceramics and other gifting ideas both on a regular retail basis as well as bulk gifting for corporates, weddings, hampers etc where we can also personalize some cute gifts.

Also, I loved flowers. When I started House of Flowers I realized that there were very few people who made good arrangements accessible to people. We all know how abroad the flowers and bouquets are so gorgeous, that was missing back then. Since we had been doing decor and florals for weddings, we had a lot of clients post-wedding contact us for florals for gifting, home etc. House of Flowers was born to help them. We deliver arrangements all over Mumbai and set up flowers at corporates, homes etc on a regular basis apart from wedding and event florals. Idea is to work on well priced and beautiful arrangements. Like you know, we work on monthly and weekly subscriptions as well where people like you, who love fresh flowers let us create magic for their spaces within their budget.

AK: Fashion is?

Candice: All about being comfortable and being ‘you’.

AK: What do you love most about Purple Panchi?

Candice: I attend and plan a gazillion weddings and functions. I love the simplicity and elegance in their beautiful designs and the fact that they are comfortable enough to work in! As a wedding planner, I always need to look dressed for the events I execute so Purple Panchi garments are perfect for that.

AK: Dream wedding destination?

Candice: Santorini.

AK: Having worked with so many brides, tell us a funny incident from a wedding.

Candice: Haha I could write a book! There was this one bride who wanted everything ‘red carpet’! Red carpet gown, red carpet decor…I didn’t realize the extent of this, till the wedding where she refused to work anywhere where there was no red carpet! It’s quite an interesting experience working with so many people who have different dreams and ideas for their ‘perfect wedding’.

This interview was conducted in collaboration with Purple Panchi

Photo Credits: Beverly Pereira


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