Detales On How Tripti Bhatia Gandhi Balances It All !

Tripti Bhatia founded Detales Communications over 7 years ago with an idea to fill in the gap that existed back then. There was no agency that provided a holistic approach to marketing and branding and Detales was one of the first few to want to plug it by offering all services a brand would need to grow – branding, marketings, event management, social media and influencer marketing and thereon. She wanted to do something different and add real value…she’s been doing all that and more now.

We bond over our common love for food, travel and fashion and our meetings usually are held at newly opened (or sometimes to be opened) eateries around the city. With over 50 brands in her pocket – Tripti balances work and life with such panache that she truly is a Woman of Wonder. Few questions to help you know more about the brain behind this agency…

AK – Work can be so crazy for you, what’s the perfect day off? TB – While we travel whenever we can and take constant weekend trips, a staycation at Taj Lands End is a great way to unwind or spending time with Anup (her husband) or then just watching Netflix and disconnecting from social media, emails and call for just that day.

AK- I know you travel a lot, what is your favourite holiday destination so far ? TB – It depends on the mood and duration no ? I love places with history and culture so Europe generally wins when we are planning a trip. Italy for it’s food, London for it’s high street, Portugal for the warm and friendly people and if it’s a girls trip then Ibiza, Thailand and Bali. If we get time to take a long trip, I would love to redo Canada. I spent 2 months there and fell in love with the country.

AK- An ideal date night is ? TB – Hahah , you should ask Anup this…but he already knows this one. Anything that involves great food and a surprise planned by him.

AK – What’s your favourite color ? TB – POP colors, brighter the better. Blues, Greens, Pinks – can’t you tell from the Purple Panchi outfit I’m wearing … cobalt and fuschia…

AK – Fashion is? TB- Comfortable Art.

AK – How do Anup and you balance life and find time together? TB – We both have crazy schedules. However, we both take the effort to keep it going. Small surprises, date nights and the usual of course. However we always make it a point to travel to work together, call each other through the day and share our stories, no matter what time either of us comes home, we always spend 10-15 minutes catching up. Even if one of us is asleep we wake up and chat! It’s important to take vacations together too you know…undivided attention and time spent discovering new places and food…

AK – One funny incident with a client… TB – Hahah I really can’t think of one.. I mean I have one daily but I don’t have any that particularly stands out…and if I tell you they’ll know instantly so let’s say I have a laugh everyday over something or the other…

AK – Working with Women is… TB – Inspiring! I work with so many women entrepreneurs and it is amazing how focussed, driven and high on EQ they all are. Of course, my mothers (both of them) and sister in law inspire me too with how well they manage everything and everybody at home. I love working with Women.

AK – What’s next? TB – As you know over the past few years, Detales has grown organically and I wish it continues to do so. We are big on Hospitality, Travel, Kids brands, Events, Fashion etc but I want to bring more brands on board that are different, doing unique things and believe that if given the flexibility to we can do fabulous things. Not many people know but we offer concierge services to help plan parties, recommend travel and food places so I definitely want to solidify and formalize that. There is also a new vertical we will be adding that I can’t wait to announce soon… On the personal front, I want to focus on sharing travel stories and ideas – inspire people to see the amazing places and try the lovely food I get to try. I would love to focus on that this year.

AK – What do you love about Purple Panchi ? TB- The colours, fabric, quality everything. It is Comfortable ART and it’s so ME.

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