Celebrating Spring | Flower Festival At Iskon Mumbai

We were always taught to focus on being good human beings first. Religions was a more a medium for us than an end. We grew up visiting temples, churches and dargahs and we had friends from all religions and strata of society. The focus was always about taking and learning the best from everybody and overlooking things that don’t appeal to our value systems. Spirituality, Good Karma and Love were the basic principles we were taught to follow.

However, of all the forms of God that we grew up around, Lord Krishna had a special place in our lives. Maybe for me it was because we had a Bal Gopal at home and we saw him as a part of our family who travelled all over with us or because of the beautiful Pichwai’s  that adorned the walls at my mother’s and now do at mine. As I grew up my affinity to Lord Krishna, The Bhagwad Gita and the Law of Karma grew. To be honest, while I always visited Iskon in Juhu, it was only when I got married and moved to South Mumbai that I was introduced to the Iskon Temple at Chowpatty. For me the journey was slow but a strong foundation had been laid when my aunt and mother both suggested I visit the temple for their Gita Class – an interesting weekly interaction to understand and decode the Bhagwad Gita in English….

I was given the opportunity to be a party of the Flower Festival at Iskon this weekend. Simply put, the festival is like Holi played with flowers where we offer springs first blooms to Lord Radha Gopinath . It was an experience like no other. In the morning I was at the temple where over 200 devotees were there picking petals of the flowers.

              Baskets of Flower Petals of all types

The temple was filled with colours and fragrance and this was an unparalleled experience that I am extremely grateful for.

         Flower Picking at the Iskon Temple

In the evening there was satsang and the actual festival. Devotees from all over the world were there, singing and chanting ‘Hare Krishna’. If you happen to plan a trip to #Mumbai around this time next year, do try to attend the festival.

Hare Krishna !

It’s an annual event and must be witnessed by all, at least once in their lifetime. You leave the temple feeling refreshed, energised and smelling like a rose ! These little events and experiences make my life A Charmed Life for sure !

I was wearing a Kurta Set from Anokhi Jaipur for the festival in the morning while picking the flowers. As seen in the image. In the evening I wore a long tunic dress from Anokhi Jaipur and paired it with a beautiful hand painted pure silver necklace I bought online on Jaypore.com . The Necklace in the featured image is a handmade statement piece by Kitsch by Nik. The Iskon Temple I visit is at Chowpatty and next to it is a wonderful pure veg restaurant called Govinda’s that is hygenic and serves delicious food. 

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