A Charmed Life is an ode to a life that is simple, well-lived and truly charming to that very soul. It is a space to celebrate consciousness and being a part of this beautiful planet we call home. The team works to bring you brands and products they love and feel will add to your experience. We urge you to make conscious choices that are in alignment with the mind, the body, nature and the soul. So whether its clothes, beauty, home, toys or life we’ve carefully picked out bits and bobs from sustainable clothing brands that will ensure you lead A Charmed Life ! 



calcutta rescue  ex patient - husna bano


I would like to share my review of shopping on ACL. It was perfectly splendid! They have a wide collection of mommy and baby products. Seamless checkout process. But the best is the fast delivery. They delivered the products in four days despite running a mega sale! I love the sensory blocks I got. I am still awaiting the delivery of other items including a Pikler triangle. Super excited. Would encourage you all to check out the website and shop and help a fellow mom. This is a genuine review ( I don’t know her or even her name)

— Richa Bansal

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